Do you really need to be that productive?

There’s that clich├ęd old saying…

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life”

You’ve seen it before from that one friend* of yours who shares so many inspirational quotes on social media, at all hours** of the day.

You’ve also seen the admiring blogs, IG stories, and news articles on side hustles, and how to “hack,” your “something” to become more “fit/rich/productive,” etc.

If you don’t know what a side hustle is, it is the notion of taking something you do as a hobby, or are good at, and using it to make a little money on the side of your main job. There are tons of rags-to-riches stories about people who became gazillionaires from their side hustles, and for just $4.99 you can buy their ebook, or for a couple hundred, attend their seminar on how YOU, TOO, can be like them. (Notice how their side hustle has now become hustling your money into their wallets.)

The constant messaging we receive is the value of productivity, and constantly being on the go; how we need to be more productive, cram more into our days, and be all the more we can be.

And that is the way to success. Or so the myth goes

New business idea: Retired quarterbacks to keep you on your grind. You stay productive, they do what they love(?). WIN-WIN.

Let me clear something up about that…


Working hard is hard work, and people can only be productive for so many hours out of their day before they need to recharge.

Pushing yourself past that limit on a daily basis for days, weeks, months is a recipe for serious illness and burnout down the line. There are plenty of studies that show how unhealthy it is to work yourself to the ragged edge on the regular. Your body cannot function without proper sleep, and nutrition. Those people posting about how productive they are? They’re either willing to work themselves to death, or they aren’t giving you the full story of how they’re succeeding.

Don’t buy into the hype!

The whole idea of doing something you love never feeling like a day of work is nonsense! Something you love, a hobby, is relaxing or enjoyable, and is something you do for your own pleasure. Work? Is an obligation.

The same thing goes for side hustles. Just because you enjoy/are good at something doesn’t mean you have to monetize it.

The second your hobby becomes an obligation it is no longer a hobby.

It may not be as glamorous as the “grind to riches” story that influencers or whomever what to sell you, but the best way to get ahead (unless you come from a wealthy family, then you were born ahead), is to figure out a good time management system, get your work done on time, get enough sleep, and keep yourself motivated and happy by doing things you love with your free time.

 *You know this friend, they're always online somehow, with the constant barrage of inspirational messaging that somehow manages to convey the opposite. (If you think you might be this friend, please stop, we're worried about you, bb.)
**Seriously, where do they find the time?